The 5 Easy Steps of Obtaining a Commissioned Painting

1. Determine the artist.

2. Meet with the artist in your home (or wherever you would like the artwork to be). Discuss color and size.

3. Review sketches that capture the details of the discussion. A 20% deposit is required at this point.

4. Meet with artist when the work is 75% finished to give your input.

5. The painting is delivered.

Rest assured, if you do not love the piece, you don’t have to buy it! Please note: commissions may take up to one month to complete.

To speak with Allison regarding a painting you have in mind, please contact her at (925) 788-5866 or

My purpose as an artist is to capture and exemplify the beauty in our natural surroundings. I am often moved by a view that I see while running, biking and driving. I will stop and stare, commit the scene to my memory. After sketches and studies, I finally paint the impression, highlighting certain colors and movement of the day.

Over the past decade, I have painted nearly a thousand paintings. Most of these are commissioned. I love painting for my clients. I want to know what another individual find beautiful. My work embodies another person’s definition of beauty and life. The goal is to bring happiness and warmth into their space.

I spend several days each week visiting with my clients in their homes. This gives me a sense of their colors and preferences. After the visit and subsequent discussion, the perfect painting for that client evolves. If the piece is not exactly what the client wants it goes back to my studio and waits for another home. There is no commitment in the commission process!

Please visit my site, and view my ‘portfolio’